Shading Controls

This tutorial explains how to add shading controls to an OpenStudio Model to study the impact of blinds, shades, switchable glazing, or other shading controls.

Create Shading Controls

Create a model with fenestration. Apply a fenestration construction which represents the unshaded state to your windows. Create either a fenestration construction representing the shaded state or a shading material such as a blind, screen, or shade. If you choose a shading material it will be added to the unshaded construction when the window is in the shaded state. Run the Add Shading Controls user script to create a shading control object.

Add Shading Controls Menu

Choose either your shaded construction or shading material, you cannot choose both.

Add Shading Controls Dialog

Apply Shading Controls

Select the windows that you want to apply the shading controls to. This can be done individually or by using the surface search feature. Run the Apply Shading Controls user script to apply a shading control object to the selected windows.

Apply Shading Controls

Edit Shading Controls

Edit details related to the shading control object (e.g. control algorithm) using the OpenStudio Inspector.

OpenStudio Inspector

You can also assign shading control objects to individual surfaces using the OpenStudio Inspector.

OpenStudio Inspector