The OpenStudio Coalition

The OpenStudio Coalition is a newly formed organization founded to support the OpenStudio Application and to expand the use of energy modeling generally using the free and open source OpenStudio Application. The goals of the OpenStudio Coalition (OSC) include:

  • Keeping the OpenStudio Applications Free and Readily Available
  • Keeping OpenStudio Applications Current and Functional
  • Supporting OpenStudio Applications Use

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The OpenStudio Coalition

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Video Tutorials

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Getting Started

Installation instructions and getting started.

Installation & Tutorial

Essential workflows and best practices.

Creating Your Model

Running Your Simulation

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Advanced Tutorials

Tutorials cover advanced topics.

Utility Rate Tariffs

Working with gbXML

Daylighting Measure Example

Application References

Interface guides give detailed overviews of the OpenStudio Coalition suite of applications.

SketchUp Plug-in

OpenStudio Application