Roadmap Features


Effective early May 2020, NREL no longer maintains or updates the OpenStudio Application and the SketchUp Plug-in. The final NREL-provided software distribution of the OpenStudio Application remains available at

NREL will continue to develop, distribute, and maintain the OpenStudio SDK, OpenStudio Command Line Interface (CLI), OpenStudio Server, OpenStudio Standards, OpenStudio Measures, FloorspaceJS, Building Component Library (BCL), and Parametric Analysis Tool (PAT). See for more details.

The OpenStudio Coalition

After the final NREL-provided software distribution, the OpenStudio Coalition was formed to continue supporting the OpenStudio Application and SketchUp Plug-in. The OpenStudio Coalition plans to support releasing new versions of the OpenStudio Application and SketchUp Plug-in aligned with scheduled releases of the OpenStudio SDK. The current level of support includes high priority bug fixes and minimal or no changes to the user interface with each release.

New Partnerships and Open Source Software Contribution Opportunities

In order to support new features or enhancements beyond base maintenance activities, the OpenStudio Coalition is seeking additional companies, individual contributors, and organizations that are interested in providing development contributions, support and maintenance activities for the OpenStudio Application. A list of potential new features and activities are listed below as examples. Companies, individuals, and organizations interested in helping to expand support to include these types of features or activities are encouraged to contact

List of Potential Features and Activities Seeking Funding

Distributed Energy Resources

  • Expand capabilities for the app to model solar, storage, electric vehicles, and heat pumps (water and space conditioning)

BCL Content

  • Develop and support building component library (BCL) measures to allow for decarbonization analysis.
  • This could include measures which integrate REopt, SAM, demand flexibility, or other DER focused tools.


  • Modernize UI design, add new tabs to support new features
  • Language translation localization for English, French, Italian, German, Spanish (EFIGS) and beyond


  • Gather feedback from user community on what wizards or simplified use cases are most helpful

Compliance Capabilities

  • Complete the testing and documentation required for California Title 24 software compliance
  • Create and maintain OpenStudio Application interfaces and reporting measures for ASHRAE 229 comparison


  • Recorded/OnDemand trainings
  • Live trainings
  • Customized trainings

Other ways to help

Non-monetary, in-kind support is also appreciated and includes:

  • Testing of release candidates and new features
  • Direct code contributions for bug fixes and new features
  • Documentation or training material contributions